When considering our advice for family wealth, we seek to understand the knowledge and values our clients have gained from the generations before and what they wish to impart on the generations of the future. We’ve found that the communication along the way is just as important as the planning process itself. Our clients are informed about their financial standing and the thinking behind our recommendations.

Beyond this, we help bring families into planning conversations and communicate with them. Every family is unique. But consistently, our clients want to do what is best for future generations – for their family, their community, or a special cause. We see our role as helping them manage their wealth to make their planned-for legacy a reality. We don’t do this alone.

At Wells Fargo Advisors, we have access to experts in the areas of Estate Planning, Tax and Investment Planning, Executive Services, and Federal Benefits. We also will work with other professionals our clients have chosen to help make sure there is a cohesive plan in place for them. Wells Fargo Advisors is not a tax or legal advisor. We encourage our clients to include their tax advisor in financial discussions and will provide you with information to help you comprehend the tax implications of your investments.
As the largest provider of stock-based executive services within Wells Fargo, our niche is providing various wealth and planning services as needed exclusively by the corporate executives. Our Wealth and Planning clients are current and former C-Suite executives, CEO’s and Chairmen of the companies we have served for the last 20 years. Our services are specific to the Corporate Executive and combine concentrated position planning with long term, retirement, charitable and estate planning. From your first grant through diversification and eventual exit, we provide the strategies necessary for proper planning and execution.
Our business owner clients each bring their own perspective on their personal and business financial pictures. While gaining an understanding of the details, we also strive to obtain a broad view of their goals. By delving into both levels, we are better able to offer more holistic advice and help clients navigate their financial journeys.

For many business owners, there is truth in the expression, “time is money.” We understand that, and work to provide you with information upfront and with clarity. You’ll find that we do the research for you and then provide you with clearly defined options that fit your financial interests. When you have the facts presented with clarity, your decisions can be made with confidence.

Whether we are providing guidance on Strategic Business Retirement Plans or Life Management Services, we seek to educate clients about available options for their circumstances – be it on the business or the personal side of their life’s ledger.

We assist individuals in planning their business transitions; whether they are passing it on to their heirs, considering selling to a third party or selling to employees, we can help them identify what works best for them, for their business and their legacy.
As you aim to maintain and grow your wealth, we can work with you to bring your strategic philanthropic and giving vision to life. Our clients find that they can make a positive impact on their community by creating charitable plans centered around organizations or causes that are close to their heart. We can work with you realize those goals while also highlighting any potential tax benefits that are applicable.
In our current climate, many individuals and corporations are mindful of their environmental and social priorities – as well as the priorities of businesses with whom they partner. We can work with you to help determine which priorities are top of mind for you when it comes to investing, from environmental efficiency efforts and public health to ethical management and diversity initiatives. Then, we can help you identify investment and partnership opportunities that seek to align with your priorities.